Moroccan Wines

Wine Tasting
Les Vins du Maroc à Riad Zahra Among the countries of North Africa, Morocco is considered to have the best natural potential for producing quality wines, due to its high mountains and cooling influence of the Atlantic, as these factors offset the risk of having too hot vineyards. An important exporter of wine in the colonial era before 1956, the Morrocan wine industry is experiencing a revival and expansion since the 1990s due to influx of foreign investments. Viticulture in the region of to...

Activities in Essaouira

Essaouira gives you the possibility to make a lot of activities Windy ? Kite Surf or Windsurf are good options. Do you have never tried? In Essaouira you can do it. A lot of schools are ready and welcome you. Not Windy? Surf or Paddle Surf on the sea Horse or Camel Ride, Quadbikes on the beach Trekking around Essaouira Do you need to relax? Hamman and Massages with Argan Oil Moroccan Cooking Workshop Soak up the sun and laze on the beach Read around...

Essaouira weather

Riad Essaouira
Weather in Essaouira: Essaouira has a temperate clime with an average of 320 sunny days per year. Temperatures: Winter from December to April : Averages between 10 Celsius degrees at night and 21 Celsius degrees during the day Spring-Summer-Autumn from April to december : Averages between 16 Celsius degrees at night and 26 Celsius degrees during the day Wind season : From April to September Rainy season: Some days in November , December and January


Essaouira is a very culturally interesting place, with masses of tradition still remaining throughout the un-spoilt Morrocan charm of the town, port, and beaches. The fascinating culture combined with the reliable strong winds make Essaouira a great kite or windsurf holiday destination for both kitesurfers and non kitesurfers alike. On the water the conditions are most suitable for the more confident kitesurfer as the wind is quite strong and there are waves in a many parts of the bay.